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Get Printer Inks and Toner at Lower Costs and a Higher Cause

We offer a wide assortment of ink and toner options for your business and all High Desert Printer cartridges are guaranteed. Our remanufactured cartridges meet printer specifications and are created in state-of-the-art facilities rather than refilling them at our site. That means you receive a fully tested cartridge containing toner/ink specifically designed for your printer.

Expertise - Our owner and management team are experts in this field, having decades of technology experience working in Fortune 500 companies and venture start-ups. And, our customers tell us we truly understand their need for affordable and efficient equipment while providing expert, personable service.

Quality -. We stand behind all of our products and offer two distinct lines of remanufactured toner. Our Premium line toners are proudly made in the USA. We have found that cartridges manufactured in the USA can be more expensive but typically are higher quality and give the best results. For select cartridges we also offer a Value line that will typically be a lower price than the equivalent Premium product. Value line toners are manufactured in Asia.

Environment - Plus, our commitment to the environment includes a free recycling program for your used cartridges and a certified zero-landfill-impact line of (grēnk) Premium cartridges.

Shipping - All orders of $75 or more are shipped or delivered for free. Orders less then $75 have a flat shipping rate of $5.99. This is for the 48 contiguous states.

Learn more about Cartridge Terminology.

Toner cartridges are completely taken apart and parts are replaced, including drums, wipers and chips. download cartridge terminology

Inkjet cartridges
The ink cartridge remanufacturing is done at approved vendors, rigorously following manufacturing guidelines and using a variety of techniques not practical in an individual store or user refill station. These include using hot steam and/or ultrasound and a centrifuge, as well as vacuum filling. These techniques loosen dried ink, and then warm water washes the particles away. Sponges and screens are replaced as needed. The final cartridges are weighed to ensure they are full and tested before being packaged in a box.

Most HP, Lexmark and Dell inks are remanufactured because they have built-in print heads and flexible circuits as part of the cartridge.

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